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Sponsored ATV Racing

Wheel Brokers is proud to sponsor the following ATV Ice Racing enthusiasts for the 2011 season. View bio, stats, pictures, videos and more as we follow their accomplishments.

Sloan Pittman

Travis Cheney

John Hogie

Sloan Pittman - ATV Racing on Ice! 

Sloan Pittman

Parents Harry and Paula Pittman started their son young (age 1) on the fast track to ATV quad racing. Sloan is a natural ... determined, dedicated, fearless ... and he LOVES trophies.

Though Jim Paulson of Wheel Brokers has known the Pittman family for a number of years, it was Sloan's hand-printed, enthusiastic letter to Jim requesting Wheel Brokers sponsorship that landed Sloan a top spot in the Wheel Brokers racing family.

Our prediction: Sloan's going to have a house full of trophies by the time he is old enough to buy a house of his own!

More about Sloan ...

Travis Cheney ATV Racing MN

Travis Cheney

Jim introduced ATV racing to Travis when he was a young boy, teaching him strategy and mechanics. But what Jim couldn't teach, Travis possessed naturally ... athleticism, aggressive cornering, and a competitive mindset.

As a young adult, Travis stepped away from the sport for a number of years, but he's back! Ready to have some fun and make a name for himself.

He made his comeback at the 2010-2011 ICE Speedway Championship Series in Des Moines, Iowa racing in the Pro Unlimited Outlaw Quads division. This event was hosted at the Wells Fargo arena, broadcasted on television, with thousands of spectators in the stands.

More about Travis ...

John Hogie - ATV Racing MN 

John Hogie

John was introduced to ATV racing back in 2009 when Jim invited him to borrow a machine and give it a try. He's been hooked ever since and has raced alongside Jim the past couple of seasons.

The foundation of John's success lies in his focus and timing. He is strategizing as fast as he's accelerating down the track.

ATV Ice Racing has become a fun family affair. Brother, Kyle, has also begun racing and these boys are seriously competitive. For every race, parents Kevin and Joni setup camp on the frozen lake in a heated trailer loaded with tools, encouragement and plenty of good hot food.

More about John ...


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